If you’re not Eric Hendrikx, then you might not have rock star friends either. That’s ok. I’m not sure anyone lives life, quite like Eric. He’s a New York Times best-selling author. His photos are sold worldwide. And, he’s also one more thing. Humble.

Eric is a native of Orange County, California. Although, he did call Switzerland his home at one point. He’s a musician and construction worker by nature. Then he began doing photography, and writing sections of his friend’s books. As co-author, success hit when Forrest Griffin’s Got Fight, and Be Ready When the Sh*t Goes Down became best sellers.

He’s a notable contributor to over a dozen books that read like an A-list of MMA fighters. He attacks writing with a sick sense of humor only he can make you hungry for. While Eric’s band, Snake River Conspiracy, toured with bands including A Perfect Circle and Queens of the Stone Age, he connected with Zakk Wylde, of Black Label Society and the Ozzy Osbourne band. Together, they Co-authored Wylde’s hilarious biography Bringing Metal to the Children.

Eric is a multifaceted spark of creativity. His talents and accomplishments are too numerous to mention. Nowadays, he enjoys capturing those – one in a million – shots of skateboarders in action. He’s an editor for Revolt in Style Magazine, and loves embarking on adventures with his son, Stone.

For him, authenticity means being honest with yourself and following your heart. He’s got a good point. Chasing your passions will get you far. Stay humble, and you might go all the way.  

Check out Eric’s website and see for yourself.