Kim doesn’t bend the rules. She destroys them. Her passion for action sports and self-expression are her identity. As the founder of, she is on a mission to elevate what it means to be a female athlete, and an individual.

Among skating, surfing, and many others, Kim’s love for sports started as a grom, snowboarding in Lake Tahoe, California. Eventually landing in San Diego, Kim joined the UCSD snowboard team, spending her winters gliding through powder in Mammoth. Being active is essential to Kim’s sanity. And, after working throughout the action sports industry, she vowed to change the way female athletes were represented.

Kim founded in response to superficial marketing, aimed at young, impressionable girls. Models and celebrities were the face of the industry. Not female athletes. Can you imagine if your favorite skate company promoted male models, rather than real skaters? To Kim, the industry had lost its soul. tells the real story of female athletes doing what they love, and having fun.

As a strong cultural influencer, Kim was asked to speak at TEDx – a conference for sharing novel ideas - on the importance of supporting young female athletes. Showing that skills and accomplishments aren’t secondary to celebrity culture and teen pressures. There is no slowing Kim down. Her message, is her mission.

To her, authenticity is staying true to the voice inside you. And, not being scared to do and say what you feel. Kim’s uncompromising attitude has made one thing clear. Being authentic isn’t just empowering. It’s freedom.