Tile Installation
Whether using our wood, ceramic or porcelain tiles, make sure the surface on which the tile is applied is level and ready for installation. An adhesive, such as thin-set or mastic is then applied to the substrate with a trowel and the tile is laid on it. After the area dries, the tile is then grouted. For our wood tile, we recommend a sanded grout. Some tiles can benefit from being sealed before grouting to prevent grout film from adhering to the tile.

Trade/Volume Pricing
Many variables factor into pricing of larger projects. That’s why we customize pricing for each commercial job – ensuring you get the best available.

Made to Order
Our original wood tile is a true artisan product. Each order is handcrafted using highly efficient manufacturing techniques that allow us to complete orders in as little as three weeks.

When you need samples, just ask. We’ll make sure you have everything you need for your project in a timely manner.


Maintenance of Wood
Cleaning your wood tile requires routine maintenance. Similar to wood floors, you should clean up any spills immediately using mild detergent and warm water. Never use acidic or abrasive cleaners. Consider products that are earth friendly.

Maintenance of Ceramic and Porcelain
Ceramic and porcelain tile can be cleaned with common household cleaner or with Mira Clean, a concentrated cleaner made by Miracle Sealant Company.

Eco-thinking and LEED
Art of Board was built on sustainability. It’s reflected in our recycled products, our mindful processes and our earth-friendly materials. We are also the creators of I Ride I Recycle – the world’s first-ever grassroots skateboard recycling movement. As an Art of Board customer, you can feel good knowing that your purchase helps power this international movement. Art of Board can contribute to your LEED project with the following credits:

  • MRc3.1 // Material Reuse
  • MRc3.2 // Material Reuse, Interior Design and Construction
  • MRc5 // Local Materials for any project within 500 miles of Hanover, PA

Custom Capabilities

Whether it’s custom colors, patterns or sizes, you’re working directly with the manufacturer and we’ll do our best to help you find the right design for small and large projects. In addition, our artists offer custom logo designs and can also incorporate logos into our tile mosaics.


What is Art of Board Original Wood tile made from?
They are hand-cut from used/broken skateboard decks. Composed of form pressed 7-ply hard maple veneer.

Can you use Art of Board Original Wood tiles in high moisture areas?
They may be used for kitchens, bathrooms or countertops when a clear coat sealant is applied. We do not recommended for use inside showers.

How durable are Art of Board Original Wood tiles?
Extremely strong. Exremely durable.

Have Art of Board Original Wood tiles been flame tested?
Yes. They come with a Class B Flame Spread rating (very safe for interiors).

How are Art of Board Original Wood tiles sold?
Wood tile is mesh mounted on fiberglass scrim, using latex caulking and sold by the square foot.

How is Art of Board Original Wood tile installed?
With standard latex mastic and sanded grout.

Where do you get the recycled skateboards?
We created I Ride I Recycle – the first-ever skateboard recycling movement – which includes a network of participating skateshops throughout the U.S. from whom we collect wood waste.

How is your Original Wood Tile packaged?
We box and shrinkwrap for shipping UPS or USPS. International or very large orders travel Pilot airfreight.

Is your Original Wood Tile always in stock?
We keep no stock, which means we are never out of stock. Our highly efficient manufacturing techniques allow us to turn orders around within three weeks. Each order is hand cut from our material stockpile facilities in Pennsylvania and California.