Limitations are simply excuses in disguise. Just ask Oscar Loreto. Better yet, he’s living proof. The way he shreds on a skateboard, you’d never fathom he was born with congenital disabilities. With an attitude of gold, and a will of iron, Oscar is blazing a trail for others to follow.

Born in Hollywood, California, Oscar grew up in Lynwood and Downey. At 15, His cousin fatefully introduced him to skating at a family party. It didn’t take him long to start ripping and leave limitations in the dust. Oscar makes big gaps look effortless with his confident, smooth skating style.

In the womb, rogue amniotic bands prevented development in a few of his limbs. Fortunately, he was fitted with a custom prosthetic leg worthy of his capacity. Skating in a tight knit crew, Oscar overcame even more. Evolving the confidence and character to cast aside public perceptions, and shallow remarks.

In 2005, Oscar was sponsored by Amy Purdy’s non-profit organization. She’s a pro Olympic snowboarder, Dancing With The Stars contestant, and founder of Adaptive Action Sports. AAS gets people with disabilities back into “action sports.” Since 2009, Oscar has been an integral part of keeping AAS alive and kicking. Empowering his fellow riders to see that talent is not predetermined.                                    

To him, authenticity means to be legit. And, to never sway or falter from your true self. With his personal motto being “always shred the gnar,” Oscar is an inspiration to reject our preconceptions, and live life beyond limits.

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