Art of Board began in the Pennsylvania basement of founder Rich Moorhead, whose "aha" moment came from considering the pile of destroyed and discarded wooden skateboard decks generated by his nephew. After trying his hand at turning the material into picture frames, mirrors and the occasional table, Rich started thinking about how to use the resulting jumble of smaller castoff pieces. That's when his tile concept was born. That concept has since evolved into various tile products, including eco-friendly ceramic wall and floor tile bearing Art of Board's signature artwork.

In 2011, the company created and launched the first-ever national, grassroots skateboard recycling movement, I Ride I Recycle. The movement involves close to 400 skate and surf retailers around the USA and has saved nearly 50,000 decks from landfills.

With Art of Board's tile manufacturing done in Hanover, PA, the company opened a southern California division in July 2012. California is home to Art of Board's sales and marketing team, and skateboard recycling movement, I Ride I Recycle.

Founder, Rich Moorhead