Art of Board Energizes Monster Energy’s Corporate Environment September 25 2015, 68 Comments

To bring the Monster brand to life in its new headquarters, the sports energy company relied on Art of Board to reinforce an exuberant, action sports lifestyle on all six floors of their new space – helping them achieve LEED certification with Art of Board’s earth-friendly surfaces.

The six-story, 140,000-square-foot building in Corona, Calif. facilitates 500 workstations and 175 private offices, accommodating the company's growth for at least five years.

The space explodes visually, with each of six kitchen backsplashes designed with Art of Board’s recycled skateboard artisan wood tile ­– helping to spotlight the brand and provide an engaging environment for employees, athletes and musicians.


The custom project required us to cut our skateboard decks long ways (not across as is standard). This allowed us to give them the largest tile possible given the average location of a typical break. Cutting across the deck would have cupped too much, making gluing and grouting impossible.

The grouted 3 3/4” x 7 1/2” wood tiles – with scuffs and scrapes in tact – provide amazing texture, color and authentic storytelling that captures the extreme, unique lifestyle of the Monster brand. The total number of recycled skateboard utilized in this sustainable product install was over 400, equating to just over 500 square feet.