Call her eccentric. Call her unapologetic. The only thing you can’t call Ashley Kay, is dull. In a world bursting with color, normal is a shade of grey. She’s as likely to yield a paintbrush, as she is to create something out of sand, metal, or bone. Her brilliant fusion of anatomy, emotion, and raw color is irresistible.

Ashley is a native of Newport Beach, California. She was raised on a healthy diet of love and creativity. When your mother’s an interior designer, and your father is an architect, you’ve got plenty to feed on. 

She was urged by her high school biology teachers to pursue biomedical illustration. But with her degree freshly in hand, she was orphaned by the industry when it turned toward animation instead. Teeming with talent, and drawing on the inspiration of great painters like Salvador Dali and Pablo Picasso, she founded Ashley Kay Art

Ashley’s art consulting company is limitless. Whether you need help finding an existing piece, or want an original artistic concept created, she will help you make it a reality. Recently, Ashley has been working with the City of Costa Mesa’s, Mesa Water District. For them, she painted photo-realistic droplets of water, encapsulating the purity and elegance of water in a single, placid moment. 

For Ashley, authenticity is tying a napkin around your head. Using your last bits of food to spell out thank you. Then, with no apologies, dancing your merry way out of the restaurant. And, why shouldn’t she? In art, as in life, it’s never about the final piece. It’s about the journey leading up to it.