Alternative Design Company, Art of Board, Continues Growth

Art of Board closes a strong 2013 and looks forward to 2014


FOOTHILL RANCH, CA (January 5, 2014) – Art of Board, a company known for its hard surface tiles made from recycled skateboard decks, has spent 2013 helping skateboarding become a more environmentally-friendly sport. Their recent growth has not only put them on the map as an innovative design company, but has also attracted the attention of some of the biggest names in action sports, including Mimi Knoop, who, in 2013, joined Art of Board’s ownership team.

One of Art of Board’s main accomplishments in 2013 is the growth of their signature “I Ride, I Recycle” program, which aims to challenge the negative perception some people have of skateboarding along with promoting environmental responsibility for riders. I Ride, I Recycle” embraces sustainability and eco-friendly manufacturing by reusing wood waste and broken decks from unused skateboards. The program also supports local skateshops and charities, having raised over $30,000 for non-profits, such as The Tony Hawk Foundation, in the process.

‘“I Ride, I Recycle” allows skateshops, parks, board manufacturers and individual riders to collectively take part in recycling and sustainability efforts by recycling old skateboards instead of tossing them in the trash,” said Rich Moorhead, Co-Founder of Art of Board. “Our goal is to keep wood waste out of landfills and support local skateshops and parks, and 2013 has been our strongest year for this since our founding in 2006.”

In just the past few years, ”I Ride, I Recycle” has collected over 10,000 used or broken skateboard decks, keeping thousands of pounds of waste out of landfills.

In addition to its recycling efforts, Art of Board collaborated with Google, Hyundai and Monster Energy Drinks, who have all utilized the company’s unique tiles in design projects.

“I don’t want to lose sight of the fact that this company started in a garage in Pennsylvania,” said Moorhead. ”I’m proud to see how far we have come, and 2014 looks like it will be an even stronger year.”

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About Art of Board

Art of Board is a lifestyle and design brand that embodies the creative spirit, freedom and individuality of skateboarding. Art of Board-brand hard and soft goods pay homage to a used skateboard deck’s scratches, gouges and worn graphics – capturing the true soul of skateboarding. Creators of the first-ever skateboard recycling movement, I Ride I Recycle allows skateshops, parks, board manufacturers and individual riders to be part of the brand’s designs by recycling their skateboards instead of tossing them in the trash. The brand’s goal is to keep wood waste out of landfills, support skateshops and parks, and empower youth. By purchasing Art of Board products, customers become part of the movement and help the brand to support various action sports charities. For more information, visit